E-commerce Case Study

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning in Action for E-commerce Inventory Management

Fast and commercially viable growth in...

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Webinar: Success Factors for Retail Supply Chain Analytics Projects

Getting it Right: Critical Success Factors for Supply Chain Analytics Projects in the Fast-Changing Retail Environment

Retailers have...

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Webinar: Supply Chain Analytics for Wholesalers & Distributors

Make smart inventory decisions with your data

While most industries are seeing gains in supply chain performance, wholesalers and...

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Markdown Optimization Whitepaper

Maximize Margins in the World of Fashion Retail

In a world where most apparel retailers place purchase orders with their suppliers many...

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Best Practices for Wholesalers & Distributors

Escaping the Herd

The shifting business landscape has meant that over the last five years, wholesalers and distributors have seen...

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DeFacto Case Study

Higher Sales, Lower Markdowns, Increase in Shelf Availability

Download the DeFacto case study to learn how this fast growing European...

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Solvoyo Elevation Platform - IT Questions

Download our FAQ for IT to learn more about the Solvoyo Platform's architecture and how it...

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A101 Case Study

Market Chain's Standing Inventory Down 8%, Stock-outs Down 30%

Download our A101 case study to learn how we helped this hard discount...

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Applied Materials Case Study

Manufacturer Realizes $10 Million in Annual Savings

Download our Applied Materials case study to learn how we designed an agile North...

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White Paper


Systems that manage operational execution are dumb! Whether it be ERP or OMS, TMS, or WMS, they...

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